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Dumagraad v.2.0 - password needed


This page is an unofficial fansite dedicated to the norwegian panorama-rock band Madrugada.

All tabs are transcribed by Dag and Rune. There's no guarantee that these tabs are correct, but we will do our best and update them all the time. And add new whenever we have the time. And we wish to emphasis that the timing of the tabs _not_ are correct. But if one listens to the record one should get the idea, hopefully.

Why do we even bother making this site? Well... it's mostly for fun.

The pictures are taken by Rune and Dag, and some unknown persons.

If you want to use the stuff on this site on other sites, please ask us about permission.

  • Tabbing, few photos and webstuff.
  • Guitar: Black el/ac Wildwood EW330 (Takamine copy), sunburst Epiphone Sheraton II (ES-335 type) and Squier Telecaster Classic Vibe Vintage Blonde
  • Amp: Vox Pathfinder 15R
  • Wishlist: A nice, red Hagstrøm Viking or Gretsch or something! :)
  • Started playing guitar in 1996.
  • Ambitions: None, whatsoever.
  • Tabbing and photos.
  • Guitar: Acoustic Landola and el/ac Yamaha FGX-412C. And an Epiphone Les Paul Heritage
  • Amp: Peavey Blazer 158 with Behringer V-Amp 2
  • If I had the money: Gibson Les Paul
  • Started playing guitar in 1999.
  • Ambitions: Jamming real good with Wierd and Rudberg.