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Author/Artist:  Madrugada

Title:          First Day Of Somersaults

Album:          Sivert H°yem - Ladies and Gentlemen Of The Opposition

Transcribed by: RH

Chords made by listening to an acoustic performance by Sivert. See the video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ3NdxKcYP4

CAPO ON 3rd Freet

F - 133210

F  C  F  C

F                  C
Bonnie gone to the moon
F                                  C
Bonnie gone to the far side of the moon
Em              F                  C
I had best protect her from the cold
Em                   F                     C
The curtain's been lifted, our senses are slow

Dm                 G
Sure, people will spit
  C           G                 F
But it don't hurt so much when you
You've done a line or two
Dm                     G                C     G       F
I'll be the first to tell you that we really had it all
Now we're slippin' but we don't fall
F                              C
There must be someone we could call
We're pulling faces at the sun with that moon on the run

F                          C   F                           C
Well I'm thankful you took me from the city and out to the sea
Em               F                         C
My hands in my pockets, your hands on the wheel
Em                 F                        C
You speed like a rocket, foot flat on the steel

Dm                G
Sure I'd try and steal your heart away
     C         G            F
If I wasn't bound to let it go
In a few moments or so
Dm               G                C           G           F
You got a lot of balls to drive a car in that state your in
Sure makes me wonder where you been
F                             C
Up until now, where have you been?
F                            C
You should come see us some time
You're just so good to be around

F                      C
Cool water chilled me through
F                              C
Surely you must have seen that too
Em        F           
I went in to impress you
I'm sure that you knew
Em             F                            C
My shoulders are shaking, my knuckles are blue

Dm                  G                  C         G          F
And all along the cove, the seabirds flap their wings and fly
And it's now I could try and catch your eye
Dm                         G
Oh I let your blank eyes wander
         C       G            F
Oh I am cold and I wanna go home
Home passed the frozen trees
F                   C
And the black-marketeers
F                    C
The vanity and the speed
F                   C
The powder and the weed
F                            C                                 G     F    C
Home from the water and the breeze to our positions and our needs