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Author/Artist:   Sivert H°yem

Title:                   Song for Cornelis

Album:                   Ladies and Gentlemen Of The Opposition

Transcribed by:


All the drink and the fun
The singer, the song
 Em           Am   D Em
Sing almighty how long

Throwin' shapes in the sun
What strange men we become
 Em           Am   D Em
Sing almighty how long

                      D         E
Then you waste in the pale afternoon
                    D             E
 And it's not gonna stop sometime soon
But back at the hotel
You're not feeling too well
     Em       Am   D
Sing almighty how long
Who can tell?

Really, what's it to you
If it's false or if it's true
Sing almighty how
What good does it do?

When your singing is through
And they ask on to you
Sing almighty how
Really, how do you do?

Then you shake at the tip of a pen
And you're not going through this again
Does it keep you alert?
Do you know where it hurts?
Sing almighty how long
What's the worth?

But you'll risk it again for a song
It sounds right, it cannot be wrong
Your blood and your senses are strong
And you gotta keep movin' along

Yeah, you're riskin' it again
But you're not doing it for them
No, you're almighty how long
Your own man

Sing it almighty how long
Your own song