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Author/Artist:  Madrugada

Title:          Our Time Wont Live That Long

Album:          Madrugada

Transcribed by: RH

Tuning: 1/2 step down to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Lyric is taken from the madrugadamusic.com forum.

G                             Bm
  Don't know when they put me in the ground
      C                G
I don't know about me left alone
Em                        Bm
  All that matters that I follow you
       C                   G
On my way to the unknown bound

It's cold baby but I'm not afraid
       C             G
I feel lost, my life swept away
Em                         Bm
  I've been worried, but I promise thee
         C                         G
It's so tense when you're in the life/light

Em                   Bm
  Only time that you walked away 
       Em                        Bm
It was me, I'm always here and I gonna stay
Am                           D
  Loving you can not be bad
My blood is boiling and you make me mad

I was flying but it was very low
             C            G
You let you loving coming down
Em                                     Bm
  And all I thought it was just it was another dawn
          C              G
Couldn't be right what I found.

Em                        Bm
  A mountain top it's the need of time 
Em                                Bm
  I.. I'm out of my mind so let's make this night
Am                                 D
  On my own everything is wrong,
Holding on now, I'm holding on...

Bm                 C           G       
  You just have to call it out
Em                                  Bm
  You know your love will tell your love is gone
        C                               G
And you know that ain't, that it's that strong.

Em                   Bm
  Only time that you let me down,
         C               G
You just wouldn't let me in
Em                  Bm
  Only time when it all went bad
        C                 D    G   Bm
I don't wanna fight with you
            C              G
  Don't you know what I'll do
Em                   D
  I will never ever let you go
 C                          G
I will stay with you till I die.
My blood runs cold, I don't wanna know
       C                   G
I'm gonna cry all night long,
Em                                  D
  I wear my heart until my heart is torn,
           C                   G
Then I'll make up, make up my mind
Em                       Bm
  When all is gonna just stop below
Em                          Bm 
  Where we go where we just gotta blow
  Everything that we've got in here
D                                                G
  Don't wanna see you walking down those stairs

Bm     C      G           Bm      C       G

Em                              Bm
  Cause I need you and you know you need me
Em                                Bm
  It's all that love that you let down on me
  Hold me tight and I'll love you right
   D                                  G
I love you, I'll be there, baby, baby mine,

Bm    C      G      Em      D

      C                        G
Honey our time won't live that long
             D                    G
You know our time won't live that long
             D                    G
You know our time won't live that long