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Author/Artist:   Sivert H°yem

Title:                   Blown Away

Album:                   Long Slow Distance

Transcribed by: RH

Am* x00210
Em7 020000
Em* 002000
B7  2210xx

Capo On 3rd freet On the original version
Capo On 4th freet On the live performance from Drammen Teater

Blown away, blown away and waiting
                       Am       Em
Blown away and waiting on a fair wind
Sweeping through my window
Will you move me like you did once more?

        Em    Am        Em     Am
Blown away,       blown away
          Em          Am         Em
Feeling everything,         with you

Blown away, blown away and waiting
Blown away and waiting on...
I'm blown away, yet you're always with me still
You can say what you will now, but it's wrong

         Em      Am        Em      Am       Em     Am         Em
 I'm blown away,      blown away,      blown away       with you

Em    B7 Em      B7

Am                          Am*  Em7 Em* Em
 Is the love I give just a trinket to you?
Am                                   Am*     Em7 Em*  Em
 Kept with all your playthings, and dreams that were new
Am                           Am*  Em7 Em*    Em 
 Somewhere in a dream life that never comes true
Am                            Am*     Em7  Em*  Em
 If we can't dream it up again then what do we do?