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Author/Artist:  Sivert H°yem

Title:          Fast Blues For Little V

Album:          Unrealesed

Transcribed by: DMS & RH

Performed live on local radio P1 in Nordland by Sivert.
He played the song on an acoustic guitar.
The lyrics are stolen from the webpage "Legend and bones"

When you play E, you change between an E and an Esus.

The song goes a little something like this:

Intro: E

Oh little V is whistling on a tune
 A                                          E
She's coughing in the darkness of your room
 A                                       E
She left your manhood leaning on a broom
Now you're over in the land blind
    A                                       E                                
In your old room leaning on your fast blues

Oh little V has got a careless lover
 A                                                      E
But she does not care to know if you're thinking of her
 A                                         E
She enters the new scene so thin and sober
    B                                        A 
Just when you care to put yourself to some use
She leaves you flicking on your fast blues

Oh little V is nowhere to be found
 A                                         E
Oh you look for her, but she is not around
 A                                    E 
You listen with one ear to the ground
Even Pigeon Foot, the indian, is here
But he has no news
He only knows the chords play of fast blues

Oh little V is calling on the phone
 A                                            E
But she does not want you now that you're alone
 A                                E
Oh talking in a dry and broken tone
    B                                           A
It's a tiny, little insult to your drunken groan
And your slow shoes - it's an insult to your fast blues!