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Tablature explanation:
h = hammer on:  Strike the first (lower) note, then sound the higer
                note with another finger by fretting it without picking.

p = pull-off:   Place both fingers on the notes to be sounded.
                Strike the 1st (higher) note, then sound the lower note by pulling
                the finger off the higher note while keeping the lower note fretted.

/ = slide up &  Strike the first note and then with the same left
\ = slide down: hand finger move up the string to the second note.
                The second note is not struck.

b = bend:       Strike the note and bend up  step (one fret).

~ = vibrato:    Vibrate the note by rapidly bending and releasing
                the string with a left-hand finger.

Taken from Guitar Tablature Explained at http://www.endprod.com/tab/